Raqs El Kawiliya

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Theorie und Praxis dieses wohl bekanntesten und auch ältesten irakischen Tanzes.
Ein Tanz voller Emotionen, der ein großes Spektrum an Ausdrucksform bietet.
Die Kawliya Tänzerinnen passten ihren Tanz zudem an die Region an in der sie auftraten.

There are several theories that try to explain the origins of the so-called Kawliya. Most of these theories are not proven yet.
In our theory’s part, we will study all these theories in addition to the history, social and political background of this group in Iraq.

This dance is of the oldest dances in Iraq. It is a dance that filled with a wide range of emotions which range from power and passion to joy and harmony. The rich emotions that are expressed are the fundamentals of Iraqi songs’ and dances’ heritage of the people.
The Kawliya -or Gager- would travel across the country, entertaining people by dancing, singing and playing music. They would customize their performance specifically for the area they’d happen to settle in. so, for instance, they would adopt Hajaa, Basrawi and Khashaba dance when they were in the south of Iraq, or the Choobi when they went in the west. 

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